Meet the only connected RP2040 board.

Full WiFi and Bluetooth on-board, built-in sensors that supercharge your projects, and all fitting the Arduino Nano form factor, this is a small board with BIG features.


The brains of the board.

A dual core Arm Cortex

M0+ at 133MHz.


WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Bluetooth v4.2 The u-blox NINA-W102 radio module makes this the only connected RP2040 option. 


Built-in mic for sound activation, audio control or AI voice recognition.

Six-axis smart motion sensor with AI capabilities.


Hard workingHardware

It might be a small board, but the Nano RP2040 Connect packs a hardware punch.

Nano Form Factor

Matches the established Arduino Nano

form factor. The perfect upgrade for projects

of all sizes.

More Memory

With 16MB flash memory that’s external to the microprocessor, there’s bags of room for your code and storage needs.

Power Pins

The programmable I/O pins have functions that bigger boards only dream of. Twenty two digital, 20 with PWM and eight analog.


Smart software options for a very smart device

Raspberry Pi Compatible

Support for the entire RP2040 software ecosystem.

Arduino Lover

Supports the Arduino programming language, the IDE 2.0 and all those awesome libraries.

Python Power

Full support for MicroPython. Get a Nano RP2040 Connect, and it comes with a FREE OpenMV license for machine vision.

Arduino Cloud Ready

Program and operate the Nano RP2040 Connect directly from your browser. Fully compatible with Arduino Cloud and the Arduino IoT Remote smartphone app.


Nano RP 2040 Connectis now available

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